In the designer Summer Nights, design and style are combined with sustainability and, through conferences and presentations, we want to show you how to dress in a fresh and at the same time respectful of the environment. The days when ecological fashion was boring are over.

Today, it’s about playing with fashion and expressing yourself through clothes. We also express our values through responsible and conscious use of the materials used and tell the stories of creative people in the world of design. That’s why Karin Fraidenraij, a designer who mainly creates woven wool and camelid garments from the Andes, invites you to her Atelier & Shop in Schwabing to bring you her latest summer collection, as well as an advance of the Fall-Winter 19 collection / 20 and celebrate this event with selected guests.

JUTELAUNE SHOES & CO .: It all started with the handmade avarcas and espadrilles in his Spanish city of Menorca. Meanwhile, Julia’s shoes and all the other favorite pieces in the assortment create a lot of “jute” humor.

ESTILOSCOPE: get personal style advice, according to its color, shape and style, all with a sustainable sense, from the stylist Flor Hofmann.

On Friday 26 and Saturday July 27, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., you are invited to admire your new collection, refresh yourself with Aqua Monaco specialties, with ingredients also from the Andes, to meet the designers and Learn more about the best aspect in the following conversations: Friday 17.00: Karin Fraidenraij Friday 19.00 Styling tips by Flor Hofmann. Saturday 17.00: Style tips -Flor Hofmann Saturday 7 pm: Julia Hernández Rollmann -Jutelaune- told the story of her sustainable and fair shoes made in Menorca.